Who is Bob Haver?  The Man.  The Mystery.
A man of many names.
Referred to as "Drummer Boy" by some (usually low grade communists).
"Bob" by others.  "Moon Boy" by the French ("Will they ever learn?")..
What is this nuzzling beast, capable of playing the drums while eating a big beef burrito?
Why is his social security number 000-666-0000?
What the hell is a "Russ Grub" and how is Bob involved?

A Ghost Story Involving Malt Liquor and Bob's Old Room

We were up in the ATTIC aka Bob's Room sitting on his couch drinking King Cobra.
Little did we know that a ghost was going to run down the steps and send us
all running about the old house brandishing butcher knives looking
for a robber, but no robber was found.
A few months later Russ moved in a he made some Chili.
Maupin said the chili wasn't hot enough so he made his own.
I ate a lot of chili in that time period and never did find that pesky ghost.
We did make rice crispy rabbits and frogs.
Maupin tried to give the rice krispy rabbit to the mail man, but the ungrateful
bastard mail man wouldn't take it so the Squirrels and ants ate it.
Goddamn, I just shiver and shake thinking about it!