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Diff’rent Strokes

This reminds me of the time my brother Arnold and friend Dudley and I went over to creepy local merchant’s apartment and he made us watch pornographic cartoons of cartoon mice doing “things” to each other. Then it was implied that some inappropriate touching occurred. There was hell to pay when Mr. Drummond found out about it.

Later on Mr. T and Nancy Reagan showed up because some kids were abusing drugs in Arnold’s grade school. Ever the eternal ass kisser, Arnold dressed up like Mr. T to impress some girl he thought Mr. T was trying to steal.

Then there was the time Arnold and Sam dressed up like the Ghostbusters and some old mean guy tried to scare them. There was hell to pay that time too when Mr. Drummond found out about it.

Then there was that time that Willis, Arnold and I turned the Drummond household upside down as we tried to prove to our old Harlem neighbors — and ourselves — that we hadn’t lost touch with our cultural roots after living like fat cats for all those years.

What a rich tapestry of life memories I’ve weaved thanks to countless hours television viewing!

The Tanuki With The Huge Ol’ Nuts

Racoon Balls (Static)You’ve probably seen the Japanese commericals featuring a red riding hood type character, a bear, a rabbit, a deer, a wolf, and a racoon with huge nuts all dancing around out in the forest together.  It’s been floating around for a while.

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