The Tanuki With The Huge Ol’ Nuts

Racoon Balls (Static)You’ve probably seen the Japanese commericals featuring a red riding hood type character, a bear, a rabbit, a deer, a wolf, and a racoon with huge nuts all dancing around out in the forest together.  It’s been floating around for a while.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, find out for yourself. Here are some links to the various versions of the commerical:

Update: December 19, 2006 – The above links are dead, but since these are modern times here’s a link to the complete commerical on youtube!

If the links are broken, click here to view an 180K animated gif of the racoon in action.

Anyway in an attempt to find out what these commericals were all about,  I wrote to my friend Maupin who is teaching English in Japan and asked him "What the hell are these commericals all about?!"  This is the explanation that he sent back:

The commercial is for a place called Sabasu Mansion. The Japanese use "mansion" to mean apartment building. The girl’s name is Anabukin-chan, and the company is Anabuki Construction. I can’t understand the Japanese well. It says something like, "This is the Anabuki-chan that you all know well." Then it introduces the animals and they sing about their dreams getting bigger, then their breasts getting bigger. Then she sees the tanuki with the huge nuts.

There are many stupid commercials on TV, but I’ve never seen one this stupid before!


Thanks for the explanation Maupin!

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